Clear watery vaginal discharge with foul odor. What could this be?


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Recently i have noticed a very foul odor "down there". I will bathe and 10 minutes later the smell is back. There is no thick white discharge, but some that is clear and runny, like water.

What could this be and what could I do about the strange discharge and odor?

* I have had BV many times and the discharge is always thick and white, not watery

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  1. It sounds like your just ovulating, it’s normals and it happens to women every month.

  2. is it a "fishy" smell. Then if it is, it it most likely BV.

    I have not heard BV to be a thick white discharge, it’s usually clear and watery with a pungent "fishy" smell.

  3. I agree that it sounds like BV, that fishy smell is the first tip. Bodies do weird things, just because you’ve had thick discharge with BV in the past doesn’t mean that you will forever have a thick discharge.

    I would see a doctor.

  4. Your normal white/clear discharge will become more watery especially when you exercise.

    Since you have a foul smell, you need to see a doctor.

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