Clear, slimy, odorless vaginal discharge?


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What does this indicate? I thought my period had started this morning…so I used a tampon, but when I removed it…it was completely empty…so I placed another in just in case…NOTHING, absolutely nothing but the discharge I mentioned above…YES, this is when my period should be here…I have the sore breasts and fatigue…and dizziness quite frequently…problem, if Im pregnant id be about 4 months…but Ive gotten my period, though not normal consistency for all the months, besides this one (January). I would have conceived the first week in September, anyway…Ive taken HPTs and they are negative…my stomach and waistline is noticeably larger than usual and my face is way fuller, people are noticing and asking questions, I dunno? Any Ideas?
I do NOT have a yeast infection
nor do I have an STD…thanx but no thanx do NOT pend that on me…Im CLEAN!
and its not THICK its THIN…I know that thick means Ovulation…and a yeast infection and STD discharge characteristics are not clear, slimy, or odorless, it is mostly the opposite soooo…

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  1. I would highly recommend being seen in your gyn clinic. I wouldnt waste time with answers from here.

  2. You have had periods for the last three months.

    You are not pregnant.

    You probably have a yeast infection or an STD.

    Call the doc for an appointment.

  3. If you have had your period since the last time you've had sex then YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. I promise. it sounds like your period is just a little irregular. This is normal especially if you are young. Relax 🙂

  4. w8… we report it on our biology……………………………………Oligomenorrhea is when a girl misses or has infrequent periods, even though she's been menstruating for a while and isn't pregnant.

  5. If your cycle has gotten messed up it may be running longer. Weather changes, stress, lifestyle changes, etc could've cause the cycle to be longer.

    The thicker discharge is often a sign of ovulating. That discharge would allow the sperm to reach it's destination easier so that's why it increases during that time.

    P.S. You do NOT have a yeast infection lol.. IF you did, you would know it. Discharge is WHITE during a yeast infection and you itch down in the nether regions. Yeast infections can be caused by taking antibiotics, wearing silky undies, or even eating too much of the wrong foods. Even that wouldn't make you a nasty person, but that does NOT seem to be your problem.

    Check out the link and scroll down to "Changes in Cervical Mucus".

  6. hi,
    two things,one your going to need to go to the doctors anyway so make an appointment as soon as possible.another thing i wanted to say is just because you get your period doesn't mean your not pregnant.i had my period for six months with my oldest daughter and the whole pregnancy with another. but if i were you i would get to the doctor as son as possible.if your not using protection you could be getting symptoms of a std.. so take care of this soon.
    good luck

  7. I doubt it would be a yeast infection, since the discharge is odorless.

    I would check with your dr. tho, they can test for pregnancy from your blood which is more accurate than the home tests.

  8. You can still have periods when you are pregnant, or something that resembles them, not sure what they are or why but my mum had them 3 months in with me.
    The only thing that ever came from me that sounded similar was when my waters broke, but I don't think this would be the case (?!?).
    Personally I'd go see the doc. If you are pregnant, you can also have small leaks of amniotic fluid, maybe this is it.

  9. That slimy discharge (like egg white) is a sign of hormornal changes. That normally comes around your time of ovulation. Its not a sign of infection.

  10. You can have a period and still be pregnant. I agree with the your dr for an appointment.

  11. Have you taken a Pg test. You could be pg. My friend bleed every month until she was 5 months pg. Try taking a test and most of all go to the doctor.

  12. go to your obgyn–they have seen and heard it all it's prob. a yeast infection, and no, you do not have to be dirty or sleezy to get them.

  13. This happened to me starting about 3 days before my periods, back when I had them.
    BUT, it also happened to me right before I was supposed to get my period the last time, and then I noticed implantation bleeding, and here I am 15 weeks later, pregnant. I'd try a home pregnancy test in the next couple of days and if in a week your period hasn't come I'd see a doctor.

  14. You know, I want to thank you for asking this question it truly answered the same thing for me as well. When I used to have a period it was terribly messed up. It never worked like it was supposed to! I got the same discharge a couple of times and I admit that I spazzed a little the first time it happened. I had my mother on the phone and everything. LOL! It seems silly now, but she made me feel better when she told me that it happened to her as well. Well, at the ripe old age of 28 (a year ago), they noticed a very large cyst on one of my ovaries and I started down the scarey road of possible ovarian cancer. The only way to find out was surgery. Well, by the time everything was done, I ended up having EVERYTHING removed! From the cervix up it was one clean cut removal of everything. The day after the surgery (when I was a little less drugged and a lot more with it), I had a conversation with the doctor. Because of my age, she had initially been a little less than thrilled about doing such an extreme operation on me, and essentially throwing me into menopause very, very early. When she came in and talked to me, she said that there were no signs that I had ever ovulated… basically my body was producing eggs, but they were staying in my ovaries and turning into cysts (literally thousands of cysts). She explained to me that it was possible to still have a period during all of this (which I found odd), but that I would not have been able to conceive. I asked her if she thought that I had made the right decision, and she said she did indeed.

    So, to wrap this up, the discharge that I had seen freaked me out so much because it had never happened before. It only ever did a couple of times, and I guess I was not used to it because I had never been truly ovulating. I never even realized that in the year since my operation it has never happened again. Never once had I put two and two together. Oh, and just so I do not scare you here, I did not have ovarian cancer! I am just suggesting that perhaps since your periods have been acting funny, and the discharge is not what you would think was normal, that perhaps rather than the possibily of pregnancy you should go to your OBGYN to have your hormones and such checked to make sure you are not starting to walk the same road I did. Then at least, if getting pregnant is your aim (at any point in your life), and if you did have any of the same problems I did, you could sort of lay out a plan with them on how to go about making sure that can happen.

    Good luck to you with this!

  15. you hvae a yeast infection with clear slimy vaginal discharge. its no big deal but you need to get medication at CVS or any where really.

  16. sorry but why dont you just go to the doctor????or hospital to check slimy discharge from vagina.. simple solution!!!

  17. just Clear Slimy Discharge From Vagina, Go to a doc and see if they can help you out. Sometimes pregnancy tests are not as reliable as blood test. good luck

  18. That clear odorless vaginal discharge sounds like the beginning stages of a yeast infection. It might not be, but I would recommend that you see your gyno just in case it is.

  19. You are ovulating, which is normal for slimy discharge from vagina. Your menses could easily be thrown off by stress, lack of sleep etc. Don't be too concerned. If you don't have a menses this month, make sure you see your gynecologist.

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