Clear gel like vaginal discharge?


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what does it mean that i’ve been having clear gel like discharge coming out of my vagina almost constantly? it doesnt have an odor. i’ve been cramping alot lately too. this has never happened to me before. could it be a sign of pregnancy?

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  1. I Dont Know How To Break It Too You But Here goes….. You Might Have Teh Aids, id get myself tested.

  2. thats been happening to me lately too… and im like late getting my period. but like its impossible for me to be preggers (im a virgin).

    But… it isnt a sign of pregnancy if you havent had unprotected sex. just throwing that out there.

  3. A small amount of vaginal discharge or secretion is quite normal. Almost all women have little discharge during their cycle. This discharge is nothing but the fluid produced by the cervix and the glands present inside the vagina. This fluid serves a very important purpose. Whenever the fluid flows out of vagina as discharge, it brings with itself the old cells lining the vaginal wall. In this way, the fluid helps to keep the inside of the vagina clean and healthy. The normal vaginal discharge is usually transparent or milky white in color and is stretchy or slightly thick. Normal vaginal discharge is odorless and it is also not accompanied by itching or burning sensation. However, the color and the thickness of normal discharge may undergo some changes during the menstrual cycle. In fact, many women experienced an increase in discharge before period.

    As has been mentioned already, the color of normal vaginal discharge can be white or it could be colorless or transparent. For some women, the discharge during ovulation (when one of the ovaries releases an egg) can be a bit thicker. But generally, women can observe an increase in clear and stretchy discharge, with occasional specks of white during this period. During ovulation, the level of estrogen increases in the body, which in turn stimulates the glands of the cervix to secrete clear and watery fluid. Thick and white discharge before period, i.e. at the end of the cycle, as well as in the beginning of the cycle is also quite normal.

    I would guess you’re about to start your cycle.

  4. I had the depo injection 6 months ago and never went back for another as it didn’t agree with me. I then went onto the cerazette pill but I only took them for a week. A few days after I had 5 days of bleeding I am now about half way through my cycle ( if I have another period ) and have got quiet a lot of REALLY stringy white and clear mucus on my vaginal wall. Do you think I am ready for another period or ovulating ? I have un protected sex everynight because I thought the pill injection would still be protecting me and I don’t want children yet docs don’t give me no information can you help

  5. i havent had a period in forever my husband and i are trying to have kids but no luck so far and yes im very possitive im not pregnant im 28yrs old and for some odd reason here lately ive been having a clear discharge with sometimes when i wipe theres little clear kinda white chunks its very irritating to not know what it is coming out of ur body any advice any info any help would be appreciated thank u for taken the time to read this

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