Can your partner get sick from giving you oral when you unknowingly have a vaginal infection?

My boyfriend gave me oral, while i had unknowingly had a vaginal infection. Now he has been vomiting all day. I was just wondering if it was possible that i was the cause of his vomiting.


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5 Responses to Can your partner get sick from giving you oral when you unknowingly have a vaginal infection?

  1. april says:

    Maybe once he found out you had an std, the thought of it made him puke…Just a thought.

  2. suprnurse33 says:

    Yes, he can get oral thrush. Other than that, he shouldn't get sick from you unless you have something else going on down there…

  3. kristin farnsworth says:

    my bf did the same exact thing.. i had a bladder infection and he gave me oral and was very sick the next day. i doubt it had any relation though because we think it was food poisoning..considering i didn't get sick either…but i don't know..that is a good question haha

  4. Audraaay! says:

    yes probally

  5. DOH ! says:

    A bacterial, or yeast infection, likes a dark, moist, warm place to grow. Be it a vagina or the human throat, its all the same to the disease.

    Next time, be a friend and stick to kissing with lips.

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