Can you use Lotrimin ( Athletes foot cream) for a vaginal yeast infection? ?


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I know that Lotrimin is Clotrimazole Cream which is what a doctor prescibed me when I had a yeast infection a year ago. Now I have another and was wondering if I could just use the Lotrimin cream instead of going to the doctors?

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  1. I wouldn’t, first because there might be another drug for this specific yeast infection which is better suited for it, and secondly because the strength might be different.

  2. I wouldn’t do it. Just go to the pharmacy and pick up some Monistat. You could be saving youself lots of problems.

  3. Go to the drugstore and pick up Gyne-Lotrimin. I personally would avoid the Monistat, I’ve had bad reactions to it in the past.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I JUST came back form the Dr’s and found this question by researchingng it myself and That’s what she told me to use.

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