can you use diaper rash cream for a vaginal yeast infection?


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i rlly dont comfortable telling my mom i have one so im trying to avoid it as much as possible and handle it my own self but i need to noe if diaper rash cream can work for yeast infections and if not what are sum home remedies ican use? Thxx…BTW plez dont tell me i need to tell my mom and all that mess becuz im not and i just need my question answered kay?

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  1. I would talk to someone to make sure that it really is a yeast infection before treating it yourself especially if you are sexually active. Diaper cream will not help a yeast infection, but your local drugstore will have medicine that you can buy that wll help. Talk to your school nurse or look up a clinic or a hotline and talk to a professional if you a sexually active.

  2. diaper rash cream is zinc oxide, often found in sun block products, used for diaper rash/urine/diarrhea

    Monostat is the med/cream/vag suppository used for yeast infections 3-7 days. I prefer 7,yeast infections are itchy, very uncomfortable and can have some drainage, painful with intercourse, You can buy Monostat cream over the counter, use supp for deep vag insertion, cream around skin/labia.

    If after 3-7 days treatment or before, the "yeast infection" worsens, you need to see GYN for other medication.

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