Can you put VANILLA yogurt in ur vagina to treat a yeast infection?


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i have a yeast infection and it is kiiiilling me, and today i bought some vanilla yoplait yogurt, and i’ve read that u can put plain yogurt in ur vagina to subside the itching of a yeast infection, but i’m wondering if i could put the vanilla yogurt in?

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  1. I don’t know but the thought of a woman putting yogurt in her gina gives me a throbbing one.

  2. No. Vanilla yogurt would have sugar or sugar substitute in it. Putting that in your vagina would actually make the infection worse, because yeast feeds on sugar.

    So nope, don’t do that. You could definately try the yogurt trick if you want, but it needs to be completely plain yogurt.


    you can not use vanilla yogurt beacuse it has ADDED SUGAR.

    Plain is the only one you can use.

  4. You can, for sure. I did but with plain yogert, i’m sure the vanilla will be fine. You might want to put a pad on because slowly the yogert will start to come back out.
    It defenitely soothes the itchiness and, to my knowledge, treats them.
    Good luck.

  5. No. Vanilla yogurt contains sugar that would encourage the growth of yeast and bacteria.

    Please use plain, unsweetened varieties.

  6. No. Plain, unflavored yogurt, with no added sugars. Alternatively, you can buy gelcaps with acidophilus in the health food or vitamin section, which is what you want from the yogurt anyway, and just insert those. Make sure they’re gelcaps that will melt inside, you can soak them in water for a moment if you think they’re thick caps.

    Or try the garlic trick, less messy and always worked better for me.

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