can you have a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis at the same time?


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i dont know which i have i seem to be half way for both i dont have all the full symtoms for each. i have a cottage chesse like discharge, a horrible foul smell does not really smell like fish but on ocassion does , but im not itch or stinging down ‘there’ so what do i have? please dont just say go and see the doctor because i cant afford it and want to try a home remedy

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  1. well, first try a treatment for yeast, like Monistat seven day and if the discharge goes away, then you know you’ve treated that part. But if you have bacterial vaginosis, the only recourse is antibiotics and that means you must see a doctor… don’t have sex until you are all cleared up, you can pass both problems to your sexual partner, and then he can pass it back to you, it becomes a vicious cycle.

  2. You should try the 7 day over the counter product for yeast infections. That should take care of both. You should try to take AZO as a yeast preventative. My daughter get them from time to time because she is a swimmer and leaves her swim suit on too long. Try not to wear jeans that are tight and wear cotton panties to let your vagina breath so to speak.

  3. Go to your local pharmacy and buy some Monistat. Put the cream in every single night and within 5 days you should be cured. Also start drinking more water and stop douching.

  4. Does annyoe have any at home/natural cures for bacterial vaginosis?I first got bv about 3 months ago. I was precribed antibiotics and it went away straight away, then about a month later it came back so again I was prescribed antibiotics and it went away, but now I think it’s back again!I dont want to take anymore antibiotics because I know too many in a short space of time aren’t good for you and they can become ineffective.I’ve tried creams like vagisil and caneston and also gels like activ balance and bio fem but nothing seems to get rid of it without antibiotics.Inbetween infections I’ve been taking yakult to up my lactobacillus and also using the gels once a week to keep my ph balance right…..also of course the usual hygiene things.I don’t know what else I’m suppose to do to keep it from coming back! Any ideas on prevention and/or cures???

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