Can you get vaginal yeast infection from a toilet seat?


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We have some girls sleeping over, and one of them has a vaginal yeast infection (so she thinks). She’s been using the toilet a lot, so my other friends were concerned if they would get infected from the toilet seat (assuming she hadn’t been a sweetie and wiped the seatie). So they been squatting and putting toilet paper over the seat, so I was wondering if that was necessary or if toilet paper is enough to protect them?

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  1. I doubt you would get infected from the toilet seat, even without paper. Those parts don’t even touch the seat.

  2. You can not get a yeast infection from a toilet seat. (I’m assuming she is not rubbing her vagina all over the seat.)

  3. Nothing to worry about. Unless these girls are doing rather unseemly things with each other, there’s no need to worry. However, do suggest to the girl who thinks she may have one to see her doctor, as they’d be able to tell if there is one there or not, and treat it accordingly.

  4. Thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard. You cant catch that from a toilet seat, stop treating her like shes contageous or something

  5. Don’t be scared of using the toilet she used. You cannot get yeast infection through this but you too can help her in getting quick solution to her vagina yeast infection problem.

  6. not unless someone rubbed there yeast all over the seat and shortly after a female rubbes herself on it. Thats the only way and the chances of this happening are pretty slim

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