can you get vaginal infections from a toilet?


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9 Responses to can you get vaginal infections from a toilet?

  1. liveiitupxo18 says:

    haha no

  2. Purgo Terra says:

    Very unlikely. Few can live outside the body.

  3. slickmickeygal says:

    no, but you can get them from not wiping right

  4. LOVE HiM says:

    I think you can.

  5. nyotabg says:

    Yes. It could happen when the water from the toilet bowl splashes onto your vaginal opening and happens to be contaminated with pathogens from the urine of a previous toilet user. That is why it is advisable to flash the toilet before you use it or put in a little tissue paper to stop the water from splashing.

  6. dear L says:

    You shouldn't have asked this question. It just shows that you sit on toilet seats. As a female you should know better then to do something so un clean. Always put toilet tissue on the seat before you sit down.

  7. Jacie C says:

    no seriously

  8. Nicole B says:

    Yes , you absolutely can get a vaginal infection from a toilet. Fecal matter exists on most public toilets, hence, the reason why you should never sit directly on them. Fecal traces are also found in household bathrooms leading to sickness and infection. Traces of influenza, MRSA,staph and an enormous amount of germs are commonly found on both public and private toilets, sinks, and counter tops. There is no way to 100% sanitize all living and growing bacteria and germs off of counter tops or toilets, as this would require boiling or freezing at excessive temps beyond the normal range of products available to achieve this. To the girl who responded to you and asked her gyn about it, she needs to stop seeing her GYN.. Her gynocologist is in idiot!!

  9. girl_3277 says:

    Now i have asked my ob/gyn about this and she laughed at me and said " if you could she would never use the bathroom at work" with her working at a gyno office i would take that as a NO :)

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