can you get pregnant while using metrogel to treat bacterial vaginosis?


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i was using metrogel for 5 days as prescribed by my gyn about a week or two ago and she said to keep what i had left over to use if my bacterial vaginiosis came back (i guess it can have repeat occurrences) well tonight i had sex with my boyfriend, he came in me and i’m not on the pill. i used about a half of a syringe of it last night and used a full one tonight because my symptoms are coming back, is it possible for me to get pregnant while using this because it’s inserted vaginally or does it create some kind of barrier? thanks for the help guys. no rude answers please :]
bacterial vaginosis is a naturally occuring problem that can come from a bunch of different things it’s not like an STD or anything, i had a reaction to the soap i was using. it was over-cleaning me down there. so your rude comment was really unecessary.

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  1. Metrogel is an antibiotic gel specifically aimed at the particular bacteria causing your problem. While it may make things a little more difficult, it is not a contraceptive and will not in any reliable way prevent pregnancy. You should look into getting the "morning-after pill" from your doctor or pharmacist. They will discuss it with you but it’s still worth taking if it’s less than 48 hours.

  2. Why would you have sex while your vagina is infected with bacteria?? Yall both nasty.

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