Can you get maggots in your vagina from a yeast infection?


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One of my co-workers told me this story about one of her friends who had maggots in her vagina, I thought this story was ridiculous because she said her friend said it was caused by a yeast infection, could this really happen?

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  1. Not it can't. it hads to be more than as yeast infection to cause that. but eeeewwwwww!

  2. I don't think so, maggots tend to eat on dead stuff. Unless she smells dead and tastes dead (oohh maybe she should shower more often). That is really really gross, I don't think I would tell anyone if that is true. Maybe she has crabs.

  3. not unless her friend was DEAD! maggots are fly larvae, and flies don't lay their eggs inside a live woman's vagina, dear…only on dead bodies!

  4. maggots live on dead flesh, not live yeast. No, it isn't possible and I suspect your "co-worker" was just trying to gross you out.
    The yeast would eat the maggots if a fly managed to crawl in and lay eggs, which it wouldn't have done because there is no dead flesh in the vagina.

  5. Think about it a little more logically…

    What are maggots? They're fly larvae. What do flys lay their eggs in? Decaying flesh, animal dung, manure, or pools of stagnant water. How likely is it that a fly is going to get the chance to lay an egg in your vagina? Slim to none…

    I don't see this as being at all possible unless your coworkers friend was humping a week rotten sausage that had been left out for the flies to get to, and if that's the case, your coworker needs to find new friends. That's just sick.

  6. Myiasis is the infestation of the larvae (maggots) of screw worms or bot flies. It has nothing to do with vaginal candidiasis.

  7. it is possible, for any and/or all of the above reasins, if it does happen, dont get scared, maggots eat only dead skin/ flesh, you`ll need an rx if you do get this problem, easily cured

  8. Maggots are the larva of flys. Flys lay their eggs where the larva will be able to feed. It has noting to do with infections. The process takes time. The answer to your question is no, absolutely not.

  9. No. That's not true and that "story" has been going around for over 30 years.

    I did know of a woman who got fruit flies in her vagina. I worked in an ER. She and her boyfriend were sticking strawberries in her vagina and he was trying to get them out with his tongue. He missed 1 and it stayed in there for over 2 weeks. By the time she got to the hospital, the bugs were just disgusting.

  10. That woman needed to shower….if you stink so bad to have flies move up your vagina…..oh man that is nasty.

  11. in some countris that are dirty that can happen, if flies are laying eggs down there, maggots will hatch

  12. NO – your co-worker told you a particularly disgusting urban legend. You can't get maggots in your vagina from a yeast infection – you can only get maggots in your vagina if you die outdoors somewhere, decompose and flies lay eggs inside you (that's where maggots come from – they're young flies)

  13. Yes, you can, if you don't wash or douche. Keep yourself clean and you won't have to worry about it.

  14. girl do your coworker know what maggot is, maggots are worms formed from dead decaying flesh. even if someone has a yeast infection it is not likely for them to get maggots, maybe she has leoprosy or some alien illness. tell your coworker to tell her friend to stay away from NY. we don't want that, NY we don't want that around around.

  15. I had bv once….and I left my dirty underwear in the laundry…and a few days later there wers maggots inside my underwear!!!!!!!! Thee most disgusting stuff ive ever seen!!!!!!_

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