Can you be pregnant and still have vaginal discharge?


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Okay, I was wondering if you are pregnant…do you have any clear or white discharge while being pregnant? Or if you are having discharge then you know that you are NOT pregnant.

I took a pregnancy test today, and supposively if ONE line shows up then you aren't pregnant…and if TWO lines shows then you are pregnant…but I think I did the test wrong because I was trying to hurry and do it in the school bathroom.

It had One line, and then on the right side where the 2nd line was suppose to be…..there was blue, but slightly visable…it did change from white to slightly visible blue.

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  1. A faint line is still a line.
    The amount of discharge increases during pregnancy.

    If you want to, repeat the test when you are less stressed and have more time to follow the instructions properly 🙂

  2. The only way you can be positive is to do the test a 2nd time and this time take your time and some test will not work if you look at the line 3 – 5 min. after you peed on the stick and yes even if you are pregnant you will have vaginal discharge. It in facts gets worse as you pregnancy progresses

  3. you do have discharge while being preganant. and you should take your time to take the pregnancy test, and go see your doctor as soon as possible.

  4. hi. i am 8 1/2 months pregnant and i have had discharge all thru the pregnancy.i asked my doctor and she said that it is normal.

    if u aren't sure your pregnant, find a local clinic and they will do a test. you are protected by the law9meaning they can't say anything to your parents without your permission)
    if you aren't use a different kind of birth control. i am living proof that birth control doesn't always work. my mom get pregnant with me while she was on birth control and i got pregnant on birth control

  5. Normally if u take a home test if it changes at all like it would for pregnancy u have the hormone its looking for. Try another test and dont rush. Yes you will have discharge thru the entire pregnancy. It comes and goes but its there. Hope the test comes out how u want it.

  6. A line is a line no matter how dark it is. And as for discharge sometimes it can get worse when you are prego. Please go to the Dr and get the care that you need.

  7. guess what, even a slightly visible line is a line and is positive. if you want to be sure go to the doctor or even planned parenthood. you can go to them even if you want to keepp the baby, they can help you get prepared. the docotr can treat you for sex related things w/o your parents concent. Now they still get the bill so be prepared if they look @ it. you can have some discharge when pregnant. in fact some people have increased discharge. others don't have much of any.

  8. Yes, discharges happen during pregnancy, its a white mucus discharge w/ no odor. It will increase more thru the pregnancy.

    Take another pregnancy test and let it take it's time don't rush it.

  9. Two lines is two lines no matter how faint…also you get LOTS of that fun discharge while pregnant and it's completely normal. Although I don't remember if you get it that soon. I know as the pregnancy goes on you get more of it. Gross..but normal.

  10. on october 25 and26 i had sex with my husband and feel like i am pregant i have a daughter that is31 years old she was born 2 months early she was 2 pounds and 4 ounces she was by another man i am having some pink comming out of me and then it get a light pink then it nothing could i be pregant type back tonight and let me know and i have been eating diffrent foods and i do get sick at my stomach

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