Can yeast infections cause vaginal bleeding?


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About six months ago I got a bladder infection. I stupidly let it go and did not get on medications for it. So, a couple months later I got another bladder infection but this time I went to the doctor and got on antibiotics. That was about 4 months ago. I am in a long distance relationship so I only see my boyfriend about once or twice every 2 or 3 months. Ever since the last bladder infection sex has been extremely uncomfortable and even painful. I just have the feeling of having to urinate very badly during sex. On two occasions, I have even started bleeding during sex. Not just a small amount of blood either. And yes i have been tested for STI’s and all tests came back negative.
So five days ago I went to the clinic because I had gotten another bladder infection. I told the doctor about all these symptoms and she gave me antibiotics for the bladder infection and did a test and found that I have a yeast infection. But being that this was at the clinic, the doctor just sent in a assistant to give me the medications after she completed all the tests and did not explain anything to me. She just told me I had a yeast infection.
So my questions now; are bladder infections and yeast infections related? Could I have had this yeast infection for six months and that was the reason i was getting bladder infections? Or was i just getting bladder infections because of my first untreated one? Also, I am still not being given a reason for the bleeding?
Please help! Thank you!

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  1. UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and yeast infections are related, and bladder infections and UTIs can be related lol.
    you will keep getting them. if you scratch the vagina, you’ll bleed. and its bad to scratch, dont scratch, it only makes it worse!!
    you on your period maybe?
    you vagina may be too tight?
    you should have a pap smear done, & i hope they did a culture to make sure it was a yeast infection, if not you could have vaginitis, which idk the symptoms of if there is bleeding or not, but they are the same like yeast infections.

  2. Your bleeding due to the infection, your insides are irritated and sensitive and when you have sex you irritate them even more and that’s why you bleed. Ok now for the other question an yeast infection can become a bladder infection if not taken care of so yes it is possible that you had an yeast infection for so long and that way you would keep on getting a bladder infection. That’s why ever time you have a strong yeast infection or bladder infection you have to get it taken care of because they can come and go.

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