Can vaginal yeast infections spread to the anus?


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I have a vaginal yeast infection from taking antibiotics and am starting to have the same feelings & itch down the back area. I was wondering if its possible for the yeast infection to spread to the anal area?

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  1. Yes. They can spread anywhere moist and dark, including your armpits, your mouth, and any fold of skin. Take a yeast infection cure, and in the future, always eat active culture yogurt while taking antibiotics to keep repopulating the healthy bacteria in your body. You can eat some now to help the yeast infection cure work better.

    Good luck.

  2. Yes. The yeast infection will spread to infect the skin of the entire groin if not treated and controlled. Yeast infections can, although it’s rare, spread to become a systemic, body-wide infection as well. I suggest you treat the vaginal infection with the correct medication, and use an anti-fungal cream made to treat jock itch for the rest of the troubled area. Both of those are sold over the counter, and generic versions are just as effective as name brands. If you’ve had the vaginal infection for a while, you would do best to go with the traditional seven day treatment rather than the one or three day versions. While those might be effective, the higher concentration of medication would likely set your nether parts on fire. If that doesn’t work to relieve your symptoms in a few days, then you will need to see your doctor.

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