Can urinary tract infection cause vaginal bleeding during intercourse?


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I've already gone to the doctor, and they said I had a bladder infection, however my spouse seems to believe other, what do I do, or how can I prove to him, besides my medical statement!!! Does anyone know a good website for urinary tract infections and the side affects?

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  1. web md Try that. That's where my wife got a lot of answers about her UTI. She read up on it before she went to the Dr., and it really helped. Doc's like it when you show up with a little knowlage about your body… Just don't go in there telling them what to prescribe for you, like all of the medicine comercials tell you to. They hate that.

  2. webmd. you can also do a yahoo search UTI. You can find alot of info on different sites. And for your intial question yes it can cause bleeding. Hope that helps.

  3. i would not have sex until your infection is gone or you could pass it to your partner then it is like a ping pong effect and then you will never get rid of it. go to and you will get all the answers you need with this subject. good luck sweety.

  4. It is good to gain knowledge but the best to consult your Gyane and go by his/her advise.

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