can tissue paper cause a vaginal infection?


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can tissue paper cause a vaginal infection? If so, please explain symptoms.?

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  1. I don’t think so… not unless it was dirty or you shoved it up there and kept it there for a couple months.

  2. Scented or coloured tissue paper can cause itchiness and redness, always use named brands of toilet paper and always use white,,,

  3. Tissue paper may not necessarily cause an infection (unless it has lotion or some kind of fragrance added). If a person rubbed too hard and caused some abrasions because the tissue was too rough, then the abrasions could become infected by the surrounding organisms but that would be similar to having a pimple or just some irritation that would go away. In the case of the lotion or fragrance, those chemicals can throw off the pH causing a yeast infection and you would experience burning, itching, thick, frothy yellow (darker than normal) discharge and a bad odor.

  4. Not sure but I’ve bought toilet paper that after a couple of days using have caused me to have thrush like symptoms, sore and itchy. This has happened a couple of times and is fine within a day when I change the paper. I have the same problem with scented bath products. You may just have sensitive skin.

  5. If there’s an infection causing agent on the paper, yes.

    Symptoms and overview (read it all, it’s long but instructive) at the link:

  6. Best tissue f/ toilet paper is the one that got no fragrant, smooth textures, can absorb well, not powdery & not easily scrambled. The logic is, when you use it, it will absorb the liquid but not give any residue or leave other material behind.

    Bad quality toilet paper can cause a vaginal infection. The symptoms usually are: itchiness, redness, burning sensation when pass urine.

    My advise:
    1. Buy a good / decent toilet paper. It’s for hygiene purpose.
    2. If you happen to have the infection try to drink a lot of water, wear cotton & loose underware.
    3. If the symptoms get worse, you might want to go & consult your gynae.

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