can shaving around your vagina cause an infection?

does it unbalance the environment and balance of your vagina or anything?


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5 Responses to can shaving around your vagina cause an infection?

  1. Seagull says:

    if the blade is unsterilized.

  2. hot mommy says:

    no…. you just have to make sure to use a clean and new razor, also make sure to be careful, take your time… if you do cut yourself, make sure you clean that area as clean as you possibly can. it will get infected if you don't use a clean and new razor and if you don't keep a good hygiene… I hope this helped!

  3. Diane C says:

    My vagina isn't hairy, so I cannot answer that. As far as it causing an unbalance in the environment, WTF? And I dont know what you mean by your vagina being balanced EITHER!

  4. swingered says:

    Ofcourse not. it would not be done in pre op if it could upset the balance of the environment. Shaving is beautiful.

  5. Albert Luver says:

    i don;t know i haven't even had my period

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