Can my boy friend be allergic to my vaginal discharge if he swallows it?

We were both virgins when we started having sex AND I DO NOT have an STD but we've noticed he sometimes gets a throat infection or sore throat after he gives me oral s-e-x. It goes away after few days. I think he may be allergic or something or… maybe a yeast infection I pass on to him??


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7 Responses to Can my boy friend be allergic to my vaginal discharge if he swallows it?

  1. felicity_pink says:

    Quite possibly a yeast infection, go see your doctor to confirm you are all clear

  2. Aidaens Mommy says:

    Yeast Infection, get some vagisil or monistat 1 for a quick solution, happened with me and my hubby, cleared up in 3 days…

  3. Christy D says:

    Give him candy when he is done. Then you don't have to taste yourself.

  4. honey2006 says:

    it's doughtful that he is allergic to you. Better start looking at what kind of body oils, douch, or luberants your using.

  5. hitchboy20002000 says:

    A person can be allergic to anything. I doubt that;s the problem though. More likely has to do with the acidity of your secretions. Your lubricant can be a touch acidic in nature and this can irritate the soft linings of the throat of swallowed. Can also be sore throat muscles from going for along time. Yeast infection can pass to men orally that way but again if you had a yeast infection chances are the last thing he would do is go down there with his mouth as the odour is not pleasant.

    Try not to swallow!

    Hope this helps.

    Craig – Naturopath.

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