can men carry bacterial vaginosis and re-infect the woman?


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is there some treatment for the man? i know there is for the woman but if the man isnt treated wont he just give it back to the woman?

7 Replies to “can men carry bacterial vaginosis and re-infect the woman?”

  1. Probably the guy needs treatment too.

    Ask you doc as guys do have different plumbing…

  2. It is an overgrowth of bacteria in a woman's vagina, it is not an infection given to her by someone else.

  3. It is an infection, not believed to be an STD, and there is no treatment for men because it has no effect on men.

  4. The answere to your question is yes and yes. The man should also be treated (antibiotics).

  5. yes, guys can easily carry bacteria without any signs, but I think as long as they are cleaned well, before sex, it isnt a problem. Just make sure of that and I think it is fine.

  6. I'd say yes. Men can live with candida yeast in their intestines for years and never get an "infection", however, during this time they can pass the yeast to their partner. I'd say that if you have a yeast infection, do not have sex with the man. That way, if he doesn't have it, you won't give it to him, and he won't unknowingly give it back to you.

  7. Yes they can… and the thing is… they don't know as quick as a woman does. They can have it for 2 months and not have 1 symptom.

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