can i treat vaginal yeast infection with lamisil?


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6 Replies to “can i treat vaginal yeast infection with lamisil?”

  1. No, it’s too harsh for the membranes in your vaginal opening to handle and can damage them a fair bit.

    Stick with something like Canesten or the Diflucan oral treatment.

  2. I think lamisil is for feet? Am I right? You need to go to the womens products isle and get a product specifically designed for womens vaginal yeaast infection. Do not use products designed for other body parts.If you are unsure what to buy, walk up to the pharmacist at your store and they will be happy to tell you what over the counter product works for vaginal yeast infections.

  3. No hun you can’t because lamisil is for jock itch, athletes foot, and ringworm (these are all not caused by excess of yeast). You need to go get a cream specifically for a yeast infection.

  4. Yes you can actually use lamasil for a yeast infection. i’m allergic to aloe, and can’t use monistat and Diflucan can actually make a yeast infection worse. My dr. told me to use Lamisil only external…worked in less then a hour. What a relief!

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