Can I continue using my vaginal yeast infection cream if I got my menstrual period?


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I'm using a 7 day cream, and I already applied two nightly doses. Can I continue using it even though I got my period?

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  1. there might be a 1 800 number on the box and u can call them to find out or look for a website that has a faq

  2. yes you can, the only difference is the application process might be messier than normal as a result. It won't effect the treatment. Its probably worse to discontinue treatment rather than completing it as it can cause the bacteria to become resistant to the medicinal ingredients.

  3. yes u can but u cant wear tampoons u have to wear pads and make sure ur not bleedin alot alot other wise the medicine will just come out with the blood and wont have time to be absorbed by ur skin

  4. wel it depends if u stick it in the hole that u put ur tampon in then i would say no but if not then yes use a wipe not the cream in my opinion

  5. Continuing to use your cream would be pointless while you have your period. Your menstrual flow will only wash the cream out with your vaginal discharge. Hold off on useing the cream until your cycle is over. Who knows, having your period may even get rid of the infection for you. In the meantime, eat yogurt. it'll help until you can start using your cream. Good luck to you

  6. I would imagine you could… If you aren't 100% sure talk to your Doctor and see what they say. I hope i helped 🙂 X

  7. Yes you can still use it. You should continue to use it since you've already used two nightly doses. The yeast (vaginal bacteria) will continue to grow and get worse if you don't. You may have to go to the gynecologist and get a prescription antibiodic if it don't clear up. Hope I've helped.

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