can hydrogen peroxide soaked in a tampon help cure bacterial vaginosis?


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i have had bacterial vaginosis non stop for almost 5 months now ive been seen by 5 different docs and have only gotten pills and creams to use with no success what so ever. i heard soaking a tampon in hydrogen peroxide and inserting it in for an hour will help get rid of it will it?
i also have had really bad discharge and have been on flagyl 3 times it does not work. i have been to doctors. i need other remedies besides anti biotics and creams because they do not work

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  1. Hydrogen peroxide (30 ml of 3% solution) rinses are very effective, but applying it with a tampon would not work nearly as well. Tampons soaked in plain, unpasturized yogurt with no additives has also been effective

  2. Absolutely NOT! Never put anything inside your vagina besides your partner and a tampon (fragrance free only). Using douches is bad for your body as well. Your period acts as a cleaning device and the clear white secretion aids in a "fresh" vagina. You should never have to use douches and if there is an unpleasant smell there is something wrong with your body. Please go to your doctor and have them prescribe you an antibiotic, Flagal. Maybe the doctor isn’t giving you a strong enough dose or it needs to be higher. There is no shame on checking yourself out. This is a very common type of yeast infection and your partner could have given it to you. A man can have the same thing and not know it. He may had a past partner from years ago that had it and he’s been carrying it for that long before you got this. This can be cause from an unclean penis. I suggest that have your partner clean their peri area before sex and after you are done you pee immediately. This will help from getting it again. If you like to eat yogurt this helps your antibodies produce the good antibodies it needs to fight the yeast infections. If you don’t like yogurt buy a pill form from the health store. You also might have to have your partner get on Flagal too or you’ll keep giving it to each other. Make sure to ask your doctor cuz I’m not sure. IMPORTANT!!! Do not have sex for the 10 to 14 day course while your on the meds or it will never go away. This is not an STD! It’s just a bad yeast infection that requires meds and keeping away from sex during the treatment period. Good Luck!

  3. to get rid of recurring vaginosis antibiotics and conventional medicines, creams etc are not effective. What you need is a natural technique which will systematically guide you to get rid of the problem permane tly

  4. Chelsea,

    First of all, this isn’t a yeast infection as someone else said. Yeast are fungi; bacterial vaginosis is caused by bacteria.

    It’s not recommended to put anything in your vagina. Like someone else said, the vagina does naturally cleanse itself. However, it needs time and the right conditions.

    Try attacking the infection through an all-around, holistic approach: exercise when you can, eat the most healthy foods you can, drink only water, cut out anything unhealthy you eat/drink/smoke, and get as much sleep as possible.

    You must strengthen your body, including your immune system, to fight and ward off future bacterial vaginosis infections. This is the only way to reverse the conditions antibiotics create, where bad bacteria grows unchecked.

    Hope this helped, and I hope you feel better. Just remember, never stop learning, and do your best!

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