Can garlic cause strong vaginal odor?


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My friend put WAY to much garlic in her food. After I ate it I had a BAD vaginal odor the next day. I thought it was an infection, but then the smell went away. It really freaked me out. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before?

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  1. Yes … garlic extract is highly compatible with human blood, and actually can reduce cholesterol. Hence, it readily travels in your blood … which is the source of all bodily fluids … including "p*ussy juice".

    Pineapple juice sweetens things up (because the taste stays longer than the smell, if you are in that kind of a relationship).


  2. Garlic has oils that are absorbed into the blood. That is why people who overload on garlic not only get garlic breath but (especially in the summer) seem to sweat garlic. That also explains why even if you brush your teeth for 10 minutes the garlic breath returns, its coming from the lungs, not the stomach.

    In your case it was probably just a combination of too much garlic and a warm summer's night.

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