Can condoms cause Bacterial Vaginosis?


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My x and I never used condoms when we were together and i only got BV once, 2 years ago from douching. Now that I have a new sex partner we use condoms and i have BV again and I'm wondering.."can u get BV from using lubricated condoms?" I do not receive oral nor do i do anal or anything else out of the norm i do not douche anymore either because my doctor said its not good for me. . please help BV is so gross!!

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  1. to my understanding bv is a sexually transmitted disease that can not be caused by condom use. condoms are often made of latex that is sterile until the package is opened.

  2. Im the opposite of you. I got BV from not wearing a condom. If I wear a condom I never get BV. Maybe the condom broke or you don't have BV.

  3. No, it's highly unlikely that condoms would be causing the problem. Actually, studies have shown they reduce the chances of developing BV.
    Here are some other causes you may want to look into though:

    Changing hormone levels due to stress or birth control pills
    Wearing tight clothes or underwear not made of cotton
    Using harsh soap or bubble bath
    Bacteria on hands or toys
    Eating too much sugar

    I have heard that taking acidophilus can keep the bacteria balanced in your body, and Rephresh is good for keeping PH levels balanced.
    You could also try eating yogurt and cranberry juice. 🙂

  4. My BV was caused by latex condoms. People saying that latex condoms don't cause BV that's a lie.

    I've been seen by 3 different doctors (2 GP's and 1 gyno) and they all have diagnosed me with BV and I know for a fact I keep getting it from latex condoms.

    Yea I agree BV is disgusting. The itching, discharge, burning…it's all yucky. MetroGel works best for me.

    Oh and Bacterial Vaginosis IS NOT an STD because even virgins can get it.

  5. you can get BV from anything that throws off your ph balance down there. heavily scented soap, fingers down there, lotion, douching, semen

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