can condoms cause a vaginal infection?


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6 Responses to can condoms cause a vaginal infection?

  1. Cheyku says:

    yes if you are allergic to latex.

  2. RN/JM says:

    Are you allergic to latex rubber, synthetic latex or possibly a contaminated factory condom (?) Highly unlikely though!

  3. Titties says:

    If you have a vaginal infection or think you do, chances are it is not from a condom.
    Basically, the only way it could be is if the condom has been used or been around before the time you and your partner used it.

  4. IplayadoconTV says:

    Infections are caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Not latex. If you are allergic to latex, then the symptoms would not be the same as an infection, and you are going to have SEVERE problems going to the hospital for anything. Hospitals are full of latex.

  5. justin m says:

    yes if you are allergic to latex or any of the spermicide they use on the condoms, which it is not uncommon for most woman to be allergic too

  6. Christine says:

    Even if you aren't allergic to latex, condoms can cause some irritation in the vagina which can, subsequently, lead to a vaginal bacterial or yeast infection. (In fact, even sex without a condom can cause some mild irritation too.) To keep irritation down if you don't think you have a true latex allergy, try using more lubrication (something like KY or Astroglide)! Friction during sex is a terrible thing.

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