Can bacterial vaginosis lead/cause severe lower abdominal pain?


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I cannot find anything linking the two, except "If severe lower abdominal pain occurs with a fever of over 101 seek medical help immediately"

or something along those lines. no fever though, just been having this awful pain for a little over a month and it feels like it gets worse all the time.

my mother thinks BV is causing it, I disagree.

i have also missed my last two periods. last month i had cramping for two days around the time, no blood. this month there's nothing. i took two at home pregnancy tests and then the doctor gave me another one the week after when i had an appointment. all three were negative …

Doctors, obgyn, women with experience? can somebody please help me?

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  1. It could be ovarian cysts, if you are feeling severe pain there you need to see a doctor ASAP! The cyst can cause irregularity and if they rupture will cause severe pain, you need treatment.

  2. This is a question you will not be able to get an accurate answer for here. Awful pain needs to be assessed by a doctor or a nurse practitioner. BV usually will not do this, but there are other infections that can cause PID. This does not always have fever associated with it. Although most ovarian cysts are normal and related to ovulation, some are abnormal and cause pain. An ectopic pregnancy also causes a lot of pain, and if the embryo has died, the test might not be positive anymore. You need another pregnancy test and an ultrasound and an examination to sort all this out

  3. It is not a “typical” symptom of bv. People can have it with no symptoms at all, but the 2 to look out for would be a very foul smelling discharge, and a discharge that is green, yellow or even grey. Stomach cramps can be from anything really, but as far as stds go, gonorrhea is one that would cause severe cramps. Your doctor needs to do some scans and other tests to find the cause as it could be a variety of things.

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