Can Bacterial Vaginosis Cause Bladder Spasms/Frequency/Urgency?

Does anyone know if a bacterial (vaginal) infection can cause bladder discomfort? I've been having bladder spasms along with frequency and urgency the last few days. I doubt it's a UTI, but I may get checked for one in the next few days. I was wondering if it was worth it to get checked for BV too, as I don't know if BV can cause these symptoms. I'm occasionally feeling some minor cramping in the bladder area too.

I'm not having any other symptoms…just the bladder stuff.
I know BV can lead to a UTI, but I'm wondering if BV by itself can cause such symptoms.
I was checked for a UTI today, and it was negative. They refused to check me for BV or a YI, though, for some reason! It was ridiculous. Now I have to go see another doctor to get checked for those.


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3 Responses to Can Bacterial Vaginosis Cause Bladder Spasms/Frequency/Urgency?

  1. emtd65 says:

    Bacterial Vaginosis can lead to a bladder infection.

  2. hey whatsup says:

    wow. get it checked out.

  3. sweet.city05 says:

    i was diagnosed with BV and ive had YI's. She told me that, like you said, it can lead to UTI. Let her test you for it, only she can. she told me that they found whit cells in my urine. but you need to know so they can give you medicine for it. idk as far as cramping goes. only your gyn can tell you for sure.

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