Can Bacterial Vaginosis cause an abnormal pap?

The doctor said that my papsmear was a little abnormal and I'm going in for a colposcopy? What does a little abnormal mean? Should I worry about anything. I am pregnant and I had BV with my last pregnancy but they just did a vaginal exam and told me right away…
i know what it is and what causes it. no where in this question did i ask what and where it came from.


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4 Responses to Can Bacterial Vaginosis cause an abnormal pap?

  1. The SINGLE FEMALE says:

    Yes anything unusual can cause an abnormal smear. bacterial vaginosis is almost as common as an yeast infection. Comes from tight clothing, not cleaning ur vagina from front to back. And I also found out i was using the wrong soap. antibacterial soap is better than a plain deodorant soap like irish spring. DIAL soap is good for the sensitive area

  2. LiarLiarPantiesOnFire says:

    Colposcopy is usually done to look at the vagina and cervix when a Pap test is abnormal. Many abnormal Pap tests are caused by viral infections, such as human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, or other types of infection, such as those caused by bacteria, fungi (yeast), or protozoa (Trichomonas). Natural cervical cell changes (atrophic vaginitis) related to menopause can also cause an abnormal Pap test. In some cases, untreated cervical cell changes that cause abnormal Pap tests may progress to precancerous or cancerous changes.

    Your doctor should have explained to you what the problem was with your abnormal results. I'd give him a call and ask him to explain the issue. Good luck and I hope it's nothing serious whatsoever.

  3. Dr. DOLY says:

    any vaginal infection can have influence at Pap test – see below

  4. Natural changes in cells of the cervix (atrophic vaginitis) related to menopause can also cause an abnormal Pap test. In some cases, without changes in the cells of the cervix that cause abnormal Pap tests may progress to precancerous or cancerous changes.

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