can bacteral vaginosis be cured with vagisil or monistat?


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ok so everytime my boyfriend and i have sex without a condom even for a minute i end up with symptoms of bv. i know i should see a doctor but cant at the moment so im trying to figure out other cures. in the past, ive used monistat and it gets rid of the symptoms. can you use monistat too much or is all it doing is just taking away symptoms?? what are some other natural treatments?

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  1. Vagisil and monistat are treatment for yeast infections, which, as I'm sure you know, is different from BV. BV is caused by a distruption in the normal bacteria that is found in your body. Although you can really only get treatment from your Dr., you might try eating some yogurt. There is some research that suggest the bacteria found in yogurt can help restore vaginal bacteria to normal.

  2. No….Vagisil contains an analgesic. So it takes care of the burning/itching symptoms but not the infection.

    Monistat treats yeast infections, not bacterial vaginosis. The treatment for Vacterial Vaginosis is Flagyl (an oral antibiotic).

    You can obtain treatment at a Planned Parenthood clinic for a reduced fee if you can't afford to see a doctor.

  3. Vagisil and monistat are for yeast infections which are the exact opposite of BV, so they could actually make the BV worse. There is a delicate balance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina. When the yeast takes over you get a yeast infection, and when bacteria takes over you get BV. By using yeast infection meds you can make it worse because it is getting rid of the yeast that is keeping the bacteria under control, and giving an even greater opportunity for bacteria to take over. Monistat probably helped with the symptoms because of the other ingredients in monistat meant to help with the itching and pain.
    As far as getting treated…… BOTH you and your boyfriend need to be treated with antibiotics from the doctor. I had the exact same problem before where I would get BV every time I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. This happened about 3 times in a row. My doctor told me this was because my boyfriend probably also had the same type of infection(yes men can have these bacterial overgrowths on their bits also). When men have this overgrowth however, they have no symptoms. So basically everytime I treated only myself, my boyfriend was causing the infection to come right back by transfering his bacteria to me. We both did a round of antibiotics at the same time and I havnt had BV since.
    There are no natural remedies that I know of, however, if you can't go to the doctor because of no insurance/not wanting parents to know/don't have the money……you can go to Planned Parenthood and get treated for free if you don't have insurance or don't want it on your parents insurance or whatever(I can't answer that because you didn't specify why you couldn't go to the doctor)…….anyways… need antibiotics and there's pretty much nothing you can do but go to the doctor. Even if there were natural remedies I wouldn't trust in them, because you must get prescribed enough antibiotics to thoroughly get rid of the infection, if you don't you could still have a low grade infection with no symptoms which left untreated could lead to problems like pelvic inflammatory disease……..

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