can activia the yogurt help with vaginal odor that smells like fish?


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3 Replies to “can activia the yogurt help with vaginal odor that smells like fish?”

  1. I doubt it. If you have a foul vaginal odor, it probably means that you have some type of infection and you need to see a doctor.

  2. no but a douche will and if it smells not normal, i would see a doc because you could have an infection… like a yeast infection or a vaginal infection or chlamydia or gonnherea.

    as long as no nasty cottage cheese or yellow discharge, i wouldn't worry too much.

    but for the normal different woman smell down there, go buy a douche or women's wipes.

    good luck and i hope this helps.

  3. yogurt is good for yeast infections, but if you have a "fishy" odor, you don't have a yeast infection. you may have "bacterial vaginosis." that needs to be cleared up with Rx medicine (metronidazole cream or pills–pills tend to work better). hopes this helps!

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