Can acidophilus capsules be placed in the Vagina for a yeast infection?


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I heard by orally taking acidophilus 2 times daily it can cure a yeaste infection and vaginal bacterial infection. But I also heard inserting acidophilus capsules, it also does the same job but better. Does acidophilus really work as people say?

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  1. yeast infections are through out the digestional tract and in the private areas…so you should be swallowing them for sure…as for insertion why do the capsule…get the real stuff in liquid form at a really good health store…you dont need the gel capsule just the real thing…so try it that way for absolute results…
    during this time…no tampons, no powders, no nylon undies, no sex, no foreign matters at all, no baths, no soap, plainest water, no sugar, healthy diet and lots of good water…
    lots of yoghart,

  2. Taking acidophilus helps replenish the good bacteria so you get back into balance. I wouldn't necessarily try it topically, in the vagina to battle yeast, though it probably wouldn't hurt.

    A good way to battle vaginal yeast is to use a grapefruit seed extract douche – (grapeFRUIT not grape, common mistake) Use liquid GSE, 10 drops to 6 oz of water. Use it as any other douche. Depending on the severity, you may want to wait several hours and douche again, or you may get instant relief. If bad, to start, I may do twice a day, but cut back to 1 per day as yeast problem diminishes. When gone, stop all together.

    Adding probiotics to your diet, as well as enzymes will help keep your bacteria in balance and yeast at bay.

    A good source for probiotics, enzymes and GSE is (not affiliated, just where I get mine). They are cheaper than health food stores and have very good service.

    EDIT: If taking GSE internally for yeast, take it 2 hours away from any probiotics as it will kill good and bad bacteria, not just bad.

    ANOTHER EDIT: You may want to go to this question and read Laura Js answer

  3. Acidophilus is AWESOME! You can place it in the vagina and it will help with a vaginal yeast infection that way.

    Also, if you have systemic candida you should go on a candida diet (no simple sugars, no flour or carbs, lots of veggies and water).

    Get the good refrigerated kind or you're just throwing away your money.

  4. You can also put tea tree oil on a tampon and insert into vagina. This will be cured with tea tree oil. It really works. Burns at first but cures it faster than OTC.

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