Can a yeast infection cause bumps inside of the vaginal canal?


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I have a yeast infection (for about 6 days now) and as of tonight I have noticed flesh colored bumps with no puss inside the opening of my vagina. I am not sexually active so I do not think it is from a STD, could this be a result of the yeast infection since I am quite swollen and was previously on strong antibiotics from an illness? I am going to the doctor tomorrow but this is really bothering me!!

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  1. No, a yeast infection wouldn't cause bumps like this. You probably either have some internal cysts that are leaking or you do have some sort of STD. Some of them can be spread without sex, so you should see a doctor about this.

  2. I belive the bumps can indeed be caused by a yeast infection if it's sever enough..I looked into it online though, and came across alot of different answers.
    It's not likely you have herpes if you're not sexually active…
    But I'd wait and get a professional opinion before you assume its yeast infection related.

  3. I would say this is from the antibiotics you were on. But if you have been sexually active in the past it my be an STD. Going to the doctor is the right choice, it's always better to be safe. As for now, relax, more than likely it's a really bad yeast infection.
    You are probably going to get a lot of horrible post for this question… don't listen to them.

  4. A yeast infect. can cause redness,soreness,and itching. You will also have a cottage cheese looking discharge, it is thick and will be on the skin down there. Antibiotics will give you a yeast infection and your doctor should have given you medicine for it when he/she gave you the antibiotics, if not you need to always tell them you need something every time you take them. I always get yeast from the antibiotics myself and if i forget to tell my doctor then i have to buy something over the counter for it, it cost about the same anyway but, the pill the doc can give you for yeast is much better ,I think ! you can take it while on antibiotics so you you want get yeast ! The bumps you see may just be normal on the skin there and they look red and swollen from the yeast infec. I wouldn't worry much about it sense you know you couldn't have an S.T.D. sense you don't have sexual relations! But if you have ever had sex with anyone then you might be concerned. Still your doctor will help you more about this so, don't worry about it sense you will be seeing someone real soon!! Then you will feel better. I bet its nothing anyway, just the yeast. so good luck to ya! hope you feel better!

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