Can a vaginal infection of some kind cause a false positive on home pregnancy tests?


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I took two at home pregnancy tests the 2 days ago and they were both positive, from what I could tell. I'm at the point where I should have my period any day now because its usually irregular, so I'm not exactly sure on how many days late I am. Today I woke up with what looked like signs of a vaginal infection, so I was just curious if this was even possible.

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  1. some early signs of pregnancy can mimick infections. You didn't mention the symptoms for us to guess would be crazy. But I would say you are getting either itching or burning, and maybe a foul smell, I would say get checked out, but you have to have pregnancy hormones for the test to read positive, so your body is producing alot of hormones evidentally.

  2. If you have taken 2 tests and both are positive, there is no getting away from it, YOU ARE PREGNANT! I really don't think there are any infections that can give 2 false readings. Good luck and go and see your doctor then they will be able to figure out how far you are.

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy. A vaginal infection will not affect the outcome of a pregnancy test. Get in to see a doctor because not only the pregnancy needs attention, but the infection must be taken care of asap Vaginal infections have the potential to harm you and the fetus. I hope you are prepared for the choices that confront you at this time. All of them are tough, but only you know what is best for you. My thoughts are with you.

  4. I would say about 98-99% of the time there are NO false POSITIVES when taking a pregnancy test. Sometimes there are false negatives. The way that happens is there is a hormone in your body that is released only when you are pregnant. And pregnancy test detects for that specific hormone. Sometimes if you are taking the test too early before the hormone can be detected in a home pregnancy test, it could read negative, although you ARE pregnant. It was just too early to detect. But when you are postive, its positive. The pregnancy hormone was detected, and that means you should make your doc appointment. And with the signs of an infection; vaginal yeast infections can be pretty common in pregnant females through research. Check up on it, and get to the doc to make sure your baby stays healthy throughout the pregnancy! Good Luck with everything!!

  5. Most of the time vaginal infections are from something else in your case, because you ARE pregnant (Congratulations). Your hormones are high and stuff happens to your body, so go to the doctor and see whats going on.

  6. I dont know about the vag. inf., but I can tell you that just because the test is positive doesnt mean you are preggo. I have been on Depo for over a year. I came off of it in April. I had sex with my hubby a week after I was supposed to get my next shot. So being the scaredy cat I am I go to a clinic and get the morning after pill. Only they wouldnt give it to me because the hcg levels came back that I was preggo already.
    I freaked out. How the!? So anyway I go home and get the dual preggo test pack and I take 1 and its positve. I wait another week, and that one os positive too. So I say what they hay. Im preggo for the fourth time. Might as well deal with it. I go to my first prenatal exam. Only they do a test and Im not preggo. Now explain that einsteins.

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