can a vaginal infection harm my unborn child?


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Im currently 11 weeks and have had 3 infections back to back what are the risks it could cause my unborn child if any?

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  1. depends what kind of infections you are talking about…add a little info and ill check back =)

  2. i think unless your water had broken probably not. but i would talk to your doctor and find out because i'm not a doctor and i could be wrong. just don't think so. i do know that strep b can though.

  3. Ha hunny I'm 11 weeks as well, and I think I have an infection, it's like an uncomfortable feeling sometimes.. It's normal during pregnancy. But if you think it's bad, then go to the doctors and have them check it out 🙂

    they'll cure ya.

  4. I had 2 towards the end of my pregnancy. A bladder then 2 weeks later a yeast. it sucked! Shes healthy and happy/

  5. Yes, what infections do you have though?

    Just ask your doctor. They would know better than anyone else on here.


  6. it depends on what kind of infections and whether they were treated or not. pregnant women tend to get all kinds of infections more often bc their menstrual cycle stops and therefore there is no natural cleaning going on and so a lot of bacteria doesn't get flushed out. but as long as u keep an eye on it and make sure to get treated for it, u'll be fine, some infections can hurt the baby if it's untreated for a very long time.

  7. Get rid of them for good before you hit about the third trimester, I think that can cause preterm labor.

  8. google your question there's loads of advice.Better still speak with your doctor, sometimes when you read something it looks worse. I have had thrush when pregnant my son was ok. I think its Only if you have an S.T.D and are about to give birth the baby may be infected in the birth canal, if you were infected then you would be offered a c sure everything is fine as you well away from giving birth!

  9. I would definitely consult your OB. Pregnancy can cause many hormonal changes, which can often cause infections. Depending on the kind of infection it is you may be able to prevent it changing the foods you eat. If you are getting yeast infections stay away from sugary foods, refined sugar and overly processed foods. Make sure you are getting adequate calcium, calcium will help you maintain your vaginal health to stave off yeast infections. It is also good to take good bacteria or probiotics which can be found in yorgurt and special supplements. Please consult a doctor b/c I do not know what is safe to take while pregnant.

    Don't take bubble baths, do not used fraganced soaps anywhere near your privates- if you are going to use something make sure it is gentle and fragrence free.

    Also I found this website which may be helpful:

    Hope this helps and feel better.

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