can a vaginal bacterial infection be spread by kissing mouth-on-mouth?


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my girlfriend has a vaginal bacterial infection and i’m paranoid about kissing her on the mouth. Can i catch bacteria this way? i know that we have to use condoms while she takes her antibiotics, but now i’m worried that i can’t kiss her. does anyone know?
ok, phew, thanks everyone. i finished my antibiotics 5 days ago, and i was paranoid about contracting it through kissing. glad to know that it stays 'down there'

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  1. yeah u can kiss just no oral sex and then kissing….but why would u wanna do oral at a time like this anyway?… good luck boo and its good u guys are honest about what goes on with ur bodies! very responsible!

  2. No not unless, she got vaginal secretions in her own mouth.. Just stay aweay from down there and you will be fine.

  3. Vaginal bacteria is only in the vagina. You can not catch the infection unless your…..down there! You CAN kiss her without being afraid.

  4. Really? DO you honestly believe you can catch a vaginal infection from her mouth? That would not be possible unless you’ve had oral sex dear. Stop worrying and read up on STD’s and the human body in general. It will help you a great deal if you know what’s going on where.

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