Can a hot tub cause vaginal infections?


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how can i prevent irritation in private parts from hot tub?

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  1. Definitely and other problems as well. If a hot tub is not properly sanitized, it can not only cause vaginal infections, but certain types of fungus and pink eye.

  2. Yes, ma'am, they certainly can. Hot tubs that are in places like hotels, gyms, etc. where the public use frequently, the bacteria from each person gets into the water and builds up. Without emptying and cleaning the tub (which they rarely do at places like that), there is no way short of chlorine to kill these germs. If you'll notice, you won't smell any chlorine in a hot tub like you will in a pool. My sister managed to contract a skin infection as well as a vaginal infection after spending a couple of days at a hotel where she used the jacuzzi. Her doctor told her that these infections are quite common.
    I was also told after various surgeries involving my nether regions that I should avoid public hot tubs until I was past the increased risk of getting an infection.

  3. obviously the tub itself can't cause any kind of infection, but depending on the chlorine level of the water and other sanitation factors, it is very possible that infections might occur

  4. yes it can, many women are more susceptible for infection than others. The Usual cause is from being in a hot tub frequently for a long period of time. The hot, wet environment is a mating field for bacteria. You should shorten your visits in the hot tub or even stop for a while until you get the infection to subside.

  5. absolutely its because bacteria lives in moisture warm conditions so yes try not to stay in there too long

  6. While a hot tub can cause infections, there are other things that are sometimes done in the tub that can cause the risk to increase dramatically! I warn against penetrational sex in a hot tub because the inward motion of the penis pushes the bacterial water into the vaginal area and can be quite dangerous! Sex in any standing water is not safe!

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