Can a bad yeast infection cause sores in the vagina?


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I ask because the two people I have had sex with said they went and got checked and received negative for STD's.

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  1. You should get checked just to make sure. but if you ask someone if they have been tested don't believe them unless they show you the papers. you can never be to sure. and always use a condom it can save your life.

  2. The only healthcare results you can trust are your own given to you by your own doctor. I'd go get checked out if I were you and not rely on what they tell you.

    While a nasty yeast infection can cause bleeding on tender skin, especially if you mess with it, small, round sores resembling blisters sounds like herpes.

    Good luck.

  3. Symptoms may vary from very mild to severe and include:

    burning of the vagina
    burning when urinating
    discomfort during or after sexual intercourse
    odor (not unpleasant)
    irritation of the vagina
    itching and burning of the female genitals (vulva)
    itching of the vagina
    painful urination
    painful intercourse
    vulva redness and swelling

    Vaginal discharge is not always present and may be minimal, but when present may be:

    cottage-cheese-like in nature
    thick, whitish-gray discharge
    watery to thick in consistency
    Women who have chronic or recurring yeast infections may need to be treated with vaginal creams for extended periods of time

  4. If not taken care of it can. You become itchy and can make sores. I suffer from Candida's. The worse form. I have to be careful and keep clean. I use daily cleansing clothes after I use the restroom. I have not had a episode in a few years. My husband also has to take precautins after intercourse. He has a cream he needs to put on. Not everytime.

    I want to add that a Yeast Infection is not a transmitted disease. It is normal for woman. We have natural bacterias in our bodies. Some are more active. If not treated you can pass it on to your sexual partner. A man will have burnig when peeing, itchiness, and small red bumps on his head and redness of color. It is simple to treat. A pill and some cream. But you need to be careful. That is why you should wear a condom if you are a male. You will be fine. Just go get checked out.

  5. There is an std that is not included in the std test, and sorry to say but it could be herpes that is causing it. Herpes causes painful itching, tingling and or burning sensations around the genitals, along with vaginal sores or blisters. Other symptoms include; swollen genitals, trouble and or burning pain when peeing, flu like symptoms, You have some thing going on down there that needs medical attention. A doctor can test the sores to find out what it is and they can give you proper treatment for it.
    Herpes can be passed on when you have oral sex with some one that has cold sores or regular sex with some one that has genital herpes. The person who has herpes may not even know that they have it because they show little to no symptoms.

  6. i thought the same thing, but i went to the doctor and she told me i had herpes, usually yeast infections wont cause sores, it may cause one or something if you constantly scratch or something but that sounds a lot like herpes, go to your doctor or a clinic and have it looked it while you have the sores so they can test you.

  7. Do you know what they got tested for? Usually doctors offices don't check for herpes unless someone specifically asks for that kind of test. My doctors office said that they need to swab sores to test for this. So they might have only been tested for the common chlamydia and gonorrhea. For herpes and aids they would have needed blood tests and swabs specifically for herpes.

    I would get checked out if I were you. You can't assume you have nothing just because the people you slept with said they had nothing. They might have been living in denial that they have something, and it sounds to me like you're starting to do that too. Go to your doctors asap.

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