C-SECTION – Vaginal Cramping and clear discharge!?


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Happy New Year to all!!!
I have a question regarding my c-section.
On November 8th 2007 I had a c-section (almost 8 wks). It was induced, they broke my water and was in labor for 24hrs, didn't dialate more than 3 centimeters therefore, my dr. said let's just do a c-section. I've been experiencing cramping around my incision (it's healed perfect) and cramping in the viginal area (bothersome).
My bleeding (lochia) stoped about 4 weeks postpartum and I'm still releasing something clear which sometimes it has yellow spots on my pad.
Anyone experienced this, Is this normal?
PLEASE help me with my concern!!!

PS. I am breastfeeding, I breastfeed about 4 – 6 times a day.

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  1. I am having the same thing minus the breastfeeding. I just had my c-section Dec 12th, but I am assuming it is normal, at least that's what my doc said.

  2. yes its normal were having a baby as im writing this and she had the same problem they are telling us about the c-section right before i typed this so your fine. but CALL YOUR DOCTOR
    ANYWAYS. its free to talk to a doctor, that way you'll be told by a professional, itll make you feel better that way

    if this was helpful please best

  3. Ring some one like hopspital or womens health clinic, they will tell ya dont risk it might be major, hope not

  4. its best to see your doctor, it could be an infection and he cant give u some antibiotics and do an ultrasound to check if there is no left over bits in there!!

    Another sign thats an infection it may smell a bit funny.
    Get it checked out. My sister had the same thing and a dose of antibiotics (ones that dont go thru breastmilk) fixed her up!

  5. I think it takes a while for your body to get back to normal. I know they always say to allow six weeks for recovery but you were pregnant for nine months so you can't expect miracles.

    I think a bit of clear discharge is okay if it doesn't smell bad or cause itching, pain etc.

    I think the cramping is your body slowly tightening up after pregnancy and birth, if it is very painful then I'd mention to a healthvisitor or other professional but if only mildly then I'd probably take some paracetamol.

  6. Well your experience cramp like pains, its normal since you had a c-section, your insides were moves around and then places back..Your uterus is just contraction back and forth going back to its size it was before you got pregnant. Even women who have vaginal births go threw the same stuff. You stopped your period, but have clear and yellowness stuff still coming our is also normal don't stress. Oh and Congratulations on your new bundle of joy, and Happy New Years as well.

  7. yes its normal.. i bled for 7 weeks afterwards and i breastfeed. i had mine June 8th cuz i couldnt dialate past 5 cent.anymore due to a very thin and short umbiblical cord.. and u will alwyas have "phantom pains" the rest of ur life cuz of the incision.. my mom does and shes in her 40's..
    as long as u dont pass egg sized clots its normal-but if u do go to the doctor right away, something could be wrong and seriously needs to be checked out..

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