hi i am having a brown discharge that looks so much like feces.. i just completed a round of antibitiocs for BV and yeast infection.. and this is really embarrasing and scary.. it feels like i am having discharge or period.. when i go to wipe it is fecal colored.. what is WRONG WITH ME?
i havent had a period since Jan 11th


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  1. NOTHING. It’s NOT feces. Its just "old blood" leftover from a period. Its totally normal. Blood turns brown when its not fresh and has been exposed to air.


  2. dont worry hun that is normal.
    when i first started having periods mine was brown as well.. now it is a blood color.
    but since you had an infection your body is getting rid of the bacteria… there isnt anything wrong with you!! breaaath :)

  3. relax. relax. Usually when you had just taken treatment for a bv and yeast infection it changes the color of your discharged. its okay. Just wear dark panties and take showers it should go away in a couple of days. Don’t freak out. I had a doctor tell me this.

  4. Hopefully it’s just old blood. Less hopefully, you are actually wiping poop from the back to the front.

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