Brown vaginal discharge, odor, pain/itch?


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My period ended Sat/Sun, and ever since I've had a light brown discharge with a distinct odor, accompanied by pain and itching in that area. The discharge is watery and slight but still smells strongly. I only used 1 tampon during this last period and definitely took it out, so it's not that. I'm only 15, far from sexually active, and would really rather not have to tell my mom about this, since, you know, it's embarrassing. So if all you have to say is "see a doctor," I'm probably not gonna follow your advice, sorry. Also, this probably isn't related, but just in case, yesterday I began to feel slightly nauseous, light-headed, cold/hot when no one else was, and had a headache. I came home from school and slept (waking up for periods of about fifteen minutes sporadically) til 10:45, when I went into the bathroom and started to wretch but never threw up. I think that may have been dehydration? Anyways… sorry for the gory details. Beyond dehydration, any idea what this is?

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  1. you should tell your mother… it sound like an infection… you may have left your tampon in too long…. and the other symptoms could be from that…It is embarassing but your mother will understand… Its better to be safe then sorry… you can actually buy a ph tester from your local pharmacy that tells you what your ph levels in your vagina are…it will tell you if you have an infection or not… i believe its called vagisil screening kit

  2. I'm sorry that this isn't what you want to hear, but please see a doctor – it could be an infection that's easily cleared up with antibiotics. If you're getting itching or pain down there, then it's almost certainly an infection.

    Also, the other symptoms may not be related, fair enough, but then again, they might be, and if they are it could be something serious. TSS is linked to tampon usage, and can be potentially fatal. It's unlikely to be TSS, but it could still be something dangerous, that needs medical attention.

    Please see a doctor, and don't be embarrassed, they deal with this sort of thing, and worse, all the time. But be sure to mention that you're not sexually active, so your doctor can thankfully rule out STIs. (Edit) If you're embarrassed about letting your mum know, don't worry – doctors will keep your problems confidential, even if you're under 16.

    Good luck, hope the problem clears up soon.

  3. I agree with the previous answer, are you sure you didnt leave your tampon in too long as this sounds like TSS (toxic shock syndrome). When I was around 14 I left one in too long at night and woke with flu like symptoms. I was told it was from the tampon so i havent used them since. If I would ring NHS direct as then you can talk to someone qualified on the phone and not feel embarrassed.

  4. Go here first:

    If you are not convince you should consult a doctor, but the test:

    …and if is something like a yeast infection…you are going to have to see a doctor because anti-biotics might be needed. Some infections (if not taken care of) can even render you infertil, do you really want to risk motherhood for not telling your mom?

  5. yup, they're right. its probably vaginitis -infection of the vagina- from infection.

    when you introduce something into your body, always bear in mind you could introduce other infective organism. Usually our body has defensive mechanism -our immune system- against those infections, but other causes such as the number of the bacteria is a lot (we called it the infective dose) the bacteria wont be wiped out effectively from our body.

    as the infection goes on, it causes inflammation in the vaginal area which cause itchiness, pain and the smelly discharge. inflammation is a way of body telling you something is wrong there.

    inflammation also releases chemicals which will dilate the vessels in your body. causing water to migrate into the body cells from blood vessels, this causes dehydration, and this is what we call the toxic shock syndrome, which causes all the things you've been feeling.

    some antibiotics will clear the infection so you'll have to go to the doctors for them.

  6. You need to see your doctor. You may not like that idea, but that's all there is to it.

    The symptoms you describe sound like TSS (toxic shock syndrome) which is a bacterial infection that is not uncommon to menstruating women who use tampons.

    Life isn't all about comfort; you're going to have to talk to your mom or call up your doctor's office and make the appointment on your own.

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