brown vaginal discharge? i noticed some bright red blood


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I had sex 2-3 days ago, I was up on my knees and he was behind me. When he first entered i felt slight pain and that was it. After we were done i noticed some bright red blood on the condom from me. The next morning in the shower i had a dark blot clot about the size of a silver dollar come out of me. I have had a dark brown discharge (no ordor) since the following morning, enough where i have to wear a panty liner. I also have had lower abdomen pains on and off through out the day and more intense pains when i am laying down in bed. They feel like menstrual cramps. But I just had my period about a week and a half ago. Also this is the first time i have had sex in about six months and it was with my boyfriend, no one new. My boyfriend is quite long is it possible he could have tore something? please help!
i do not have std's…. and an infection doesn't make sense eithier… i no i should go to the doctor but, i'm looking for some thoughts..

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  1. If you are having pain and a discharge you should go and see a doctor. You may have an std or some sort of infection. Even though you haven't had sex in six months, you could have had an infection all this time and are now just showing symptoms.

  2. you may have some torn flesh.
    probably because you were tense or not lubricated, or the angle of entry was not correct.

  3. im a nurse and you should see a dr. because you might have a small tear and if you do it can get infected and then you can really suffer some harmful effects. Don't worry but DO see a dr. ASAP. you need a pelvic exam. you are smart to be concerned about your body and to notice its chages ,most peaple ignore thier body signs when they need to be addressed!! pain is a message sent from your brain telling you there is somthing wrong.

  4. Yeah, I bleed and get cramps if I have sex on top of him or him from behind…obgyn just says I'm sensitive…even though this just started happening the past couple years.The brown discharge is actually still blood, but that's what happens when the bleeding is slowing down,coming to a stop.Do you have that when your period is ending?It's the same thing. My obgyn tested me for chlamydia because when i have an exam i end up bleeding…test totally negative…lol. Then she thought I could have endometriosis as those are the major side effects and the cramps can get really bad. There is no way to tell unless the do that surgery where they put a small camera in your stomach to look around…i forget what its called.She put me on a depo injection called lupron which is whats used for people who have that (besides doing the surgery and burning the infected parts off), she said that if the pain stopped after getting the injection that it was definately endometriosis…and it did.Go to your doctor, to an OBGYN….my regular doctor totally screwed me up when I went to him first. You need to find out whats wrong…hope you feel better.

  5. that's quite nasty. Sounds like he must have done some internal damage. Tell him to ease up.

  6. HEY!!! that chick who said shes a nurse was just answering another question saying shes a nutritionist, actaully im quite sure shes a professional……go see a doctor, if i had one guess id say you had a miscarraige.

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