brown vaginal discharge? (havent started my period yet….)?

um ok this is tmi-ish but..yesterday I found brown discharge in my underwear, and same with today. i’ve LOOKED ONLINE ALOT and alot of websites say that brown discharge usually is my first period, and brown is dried blood. but it’s not really dry, it’s like sticky, and its light brown, seems the exact color of dis charge, no smell or anything. plus when i wipe it (ok sorry tmi!! lolz) the toilet paper is clean, no blood really maybe a tiny bit of clearish brown. so is it just a discharge? or am i starting my period?
oh yeah btw, I DON’T have armpit hair and hardly any … chest you know :D, so I don’t see how i could be getting my period already.


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3 Responses to brown vaginal discharge? (havent started my period yet….)?

  1. chacoa says:

    yes that’s a sign that it’s starting… brown = blood even if it’s not completely dry

  2. .•*?_?*•. says:

    yeah your probably starting your period

  3. sneaky_fish09 says:

    same thing happened to me I believe you are about to start your period, you should carry a pad with you and if you have cramps definitely expect it soon

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