Brown Discharge from vagina…?


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i am 14
my last period was about 2 weeks ago
i started getting the discharge about 2 days ago
what could this be?

5 Replies to “Brown Discharge from vagina…?”

  1. It could just be some blood left over from your period, but i should get it checked by your GP just to be safe.

  2. You could be spotting blood if your on any kind of medication but probably not since you are 14. Could be a yeast or bacterial infection. Does it smell? Is it thick? Those are signs of either yeast or bacterial infection. Did you have sex for the first time? If so, could be from that…a type of lesion or scrap.

  3. Thats old blood hun. We get that sometime. Just the gift of being female I

  4. i dont think it's anything serious if you recently started your period then it's just old blood when i was young and I got my period it would start of being brown first then went to red and the ending would be brown again, now it's just red and end with brown… it all depends how long youv been having your period for

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