black sticky stuff and brown discharge coming from vagina?


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I’m 15 years old and I have never had sex. I also have never gotten my period. For the past couple of days I have been getting this brown discharge. I thought it was poop at first but it didn’t smell like poop. I told my mom and she thinks that this is the beginning of my first ever period. Today after doing number 2 I wiped myself and it was the same as the past couple of days, but then i also found these little black sticky things in my vagina. I can easily take them out it wasn’t like it was stuck to my vagina or anything it just felt sticky. What is this? is this healthy?

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  1. Aunt Flow has arrived! You and I are in the same boat! At the first of this month I started my period for the first time and I am 15! Congrats, You and I are Woman! YEPPPEEE! lol, and what you are describing is totally normal, mine started brown looking like poop and the next day it turned red!

  2. it is probably the start of your first period. My suggestion would be just to wait it out. If it stops in the next couple days then it probably is. wait until next month and see if it happens again. if it does, then thats exactly what it is. If you get scared, go see a doctor (as embarrassing as that may be)

  3. its your period , its little clumps of old blood and it will probably come in the next few days , be prepared
    oh and congradulations 🙂

  4. It does sound like the start of your period. The black sticky things could be little blood clots. If you are worried, put on a sanitary pad, wait till it happens again and show your mum. or take it to a dr. If there is a bad odour then go to the dr for a check up. But it does sound like the start of your period.

  5. When blood clots up, or coagulates, it forms little gelatinous balls that can sometimes be a little darker than the rest of your blood. Also dried blood is brown in appearance and if it’s thick enough (a lot of it, not the consistency) it can look black. Blood also feels sticky when it’s starting to dry and has dried. Sometimes if the blood from your period is sitting in you for long enough it can start to dry a little and come out as brown instead of red.

    If you’re having your period you’ll also notice cramps in your lower abdomen, water retention – bloating and you may also notice that your breasts are a bit swollen and they may be slightly tender. Keep in mind that some girls and women don’t have periods that are all alike. Some get severe cramps when they first get their periods, others don’t have any cramping at all.

  6. You are having your first period. Congratulations on talking to your mother. Blood turn brown and eventually black with time. Just keep your underwear clean and it will pass. Keep talking to your mom, you might need pantie liners, tampons or pads. Your mom is lucky she has you for a daughter.
    Good Luck.

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