Best treatment for a vaginal infection in a 5 year old?


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If your daughter ever had this issue, what did the doctor recommend?

I took her to her new doctor for this and all he prescribed was Nystat cream for the outside area. What about the inside? She’s had discharge and a lot of itching. I told him I’ve already been using Vagisil on her for a week and it hasn’t cleared it up. Why wouldn’t he prescribe an anti fungal or antibiotic?

That was the first and LAST time I will be taking her to that doctor. I had a lot of issues with that place, which I will not go into. It seems like a half a s s e d treatment.

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  1. If you don’t like his instructions, go to a different doctor. Be sure to relay what the previous doctors instruction were and tell him that it just didn’t seem to be a satisfactory treatment.

  2. Well, i know my causins baby girl keeps getting vaginal infections as well but she actually got a prescription of medication to help with the actual infection itself and not just the outside symtoms. Im not sure what they got as prescription though. Go see a different doctor and ask them if theres any antibiotics that your daughter should be taking to get rid of the infection itself, and not just the outter symptoms.

  3. That’s strange. I don’t want to freak you out, but mostly when children that young get yeast infections in their area child molestation is often suspected. I’m surprised your doctor didn’t mention anything about that.

    But it could be just a bout of thrush maybe. Thrush isn’t only in the mouth and tends to spontaneously occur.

  4. Well, just so you know, the Nystat cream IS an antifungal cream.

    I dont really have the rest of your answers, but you asked why he wouldnt rx an anti fungal… but he DID give her an anti fungal, just in a cream rather than an oral medication.

    Vagisil isnt working because its NOT an antifungal. All it is is an anti itch.

  5. Funny enough my son actually had a few yeast infections and I used Monistat and Vagisil to clear them up. Your doctor should have prescribed something a bit stronger. What does he expect you to do- keep using an ineffective cream??? I would got o Walgreen’s/Rite Aid and ask the pharmacist- I find them to be more helpful than my doctor.

  6. My daughters doctor prescribed the same thing( Nystat cream) for her when she got an infection from taking too many bubble baths. It’s very common. The cream works within a few days. She didn’t need any oral antibiotic, that’s why he didn’t prescribe them.

    Obviously if you don’t like your doctor, find a new one. But don’t go expecting every doctor to write you out a prescription when one isn’t needed.

  7. The anti fungal Nystat should work. If you want a second opinion, then by all means, go get one, but don’t just assume this won’t work because you had issues with the office before the doctor even seen your daughter.

    And to the one person, there are lots of reasons a girl of any age can get a vaginal infection. Two of the most common reasons are not wiping correctly and taking bubble baths.

  8. As you’ve been told Nystat is an anti-fungal cream and it’s one commonly used and it does work on the problem, it’s not just anti-itch like vagisil.

    Obviously if you don’t like your doctor get a new one BUT chances are the new one, would agree with the old one.

    I don’t wish to sound rude but you don’t have a medical degree and whilst you may think that your daughter needs oral antibiotics doctors are now very wary about giving them out as most bacterias are mutating so they are immune against them and the antibiotics have no effect. Your doctor prescribed something that will work if you give it time.

    You didn’t get half arsed treatment, you got perfectly correct and good treatment for your daughter.

  9. Drinking orange juice and cranberry juice is a good natural remedy for these things. Make sure she is wiping front to back….

  10. i know it sounds kinda gross, but try yogurt. that’s what i do when i get yeast infections just smear on some plain yogurt (and put a little up there too) and it’ll be gone soon enough. also eating yogurt (not the same one, obviously) or any thing that has probiotics will help her body fight it naturally.

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