Bad vaginal odor.! its the strongest musty smell.


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ok im not sexually active, i've been to the doctors but they didnt find anything wrong. its the strongest musty smell. theres usually white discharge with it. but its not a yeast infection so i have no idea what it is and how can i get rid of it
and no pubic hair
he just checked it for yeast and it came back negative.

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  1. If the doctor said there's nothing wrong, it's generally a good idea to believe him. You may just have a naturally strong odor. If you have a lot of pubic hair down there, it will trap odors and make them worse, so you may want to think about trimming that every once in a while and making sure you keep it clean and dry.

  2. Everyone has some odor. If the doctor says it's normal, then it's normal. You're just self-conscious about a situation that all women have.

  3. well do you nrmally wash "down there"? because if you dont the it will smell bad and stain your underwear sometimes

  4. Most women have a vaginal odor and discharge, especially prior to getting your period or ovulation. I’d suggest a couple of home remedies that you could try. Eating a daily dose of yogurt to your diet might help to prevent you from getting yeast infections. You may also want to try using a water and vinegar douche to get rid of the odor. It might also help if you don’t wear synthetic fabrics, instead wear loose fitting boxers at night. You can find more home remedies for vaginal odor here: Hope this helps!

  5. please i dont know what to do i wash down there gently everyday and have no haira nd even put baby powder in my underwear but i still smell by the middle of the day and i dont know what to do its not a yeast infection and im not sexually active

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