Bad vaginal odor and brown discharge?

i know this is tmi but

i shower clean myself ect.. and within 4-5 hours my underwear have brown stuff in them and it smells like amonia/really strong urine

i am being treated for a cystis (bladder/uti) infection , could it be the pills or could it be the infection that im being treated for? its embarrasing, im also 5 weeks pregnant
its not a miscarriage please dont answer if you know nothing your talking about.

doctor knows im pregnant, and i did have a catherter(spelling) in for the ultra sound in the hosptial and that caused alot of urine and dried nasty stuff when it came out, so hopefully its just all that and the infection , if not away in 2 weeks at doctor i will mention it. im being treated w/ pills that is safe for pregnancy as long as your not 7+ months


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4 Responses to Bad vaginal odor and brown discharge?

  1. Andrew P says:

    It’s probably the infection. Since you’re being treated for it ask whomever treated you. It’s ok to bother them as much as you want. The doctor knows you’re pregnant, right?

  2. u r s i says:

    Cystis is the answer.

    I grew up with that smell & dischaarge. You’re not gonna die!

  3. ????? blondie ????? says:

    The ammonia smell means dried urine. Brown discharge is possibly from your cervix it is older dried blood or a slight bloodstain from the bladder. As long as there is no cramping the baby is ok, and as long as this it doesn’t turn red. If you have a bladder infection, you must be leaking slightly inadvertently, so use a little pad to stay fresh. if the spotting continues, mention it the Dr it is common in very early pregnancy.

  4. starfish says:

    please go to the doctor u could be having a miscarriage or something

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