Bacterial Vaginosis with a pimple-like bump? Has anyone experienced this?


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So for the past month, I’ve been thinking I have genital herpes. I got a bump down there, which was red for 2 days then burst on the 3rd day. Today, at the clinic, I was told I have Bacterial Vaginosis. I think it’s strange considering that I just had that bump “down there” I have been freaking out about. Also, it seems impossible they could have run any tests for BV since there wasn’t really any time for anything like that. I looked up the symptoms and all I have is white discharge. It doesn’t smell “fishy” and it doesn’t itch. I still think I may have herpes but it would be comforting to know that this bump could have been caused by BV (which I doubt). I have also had an infected throat, which is a big reason I think I may have herpes. Is there anyway you could spread the bacteria from BV to your mouth? I doubt it but I figured I’d ask anyway. I am just looking for answers. Thanks for any responses 🙂

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  1. Bacterial vaginosis can be diagnosed by swabbing the vaginal discharge during a pelvic exam.

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