Bacterial Vaginosis, when does flagyl work?

For those who were on Flagyl for BV (bacterial Vaginosis) when did it start helping? I take 250 MGS twice a day, and am supposed to for 7 days. I’m on the 6th day and I’ve noticed improvment, but I can tell I still have it. This worries me because I am almost 16 weeks pregnant and I know how bad this infection can be for the baby. The doctor gave me extra meds in there that i can take it up to 14 days…should I do this if I don’t feel better? or can it take awhile to cure the infection?


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3 Responses to Bacterial Vaginosis, when does flagyl work?

  1. Dr. DOLY says:

    see below – Bacterial Vaginosis and other vaginal infections

  2. texas_angel21 says:

    I never had it while i was pregnant but I got it right after I deliever both of my children (C-sections) why I got it I dont know. But I noticed a difference with in 3 days or so. And by the 7th it was gone. Everyones body is different. Maybe because you are pregnant you still have it Im not sure but I would check with Dr. It should be gone by now in most cases

  3. #1SaintsFan says:

    I noticed that its starts to work almost instantly . Day 2, the smell is gone….The only problem is that I dont like the way it taste. But it helps….

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